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Bus Story: When To Hold and When To Fold

March 21, 2011

Monday. Spring sprang at some point this weekend, but it’s a traditionally grey, wet and chilly morning. The hauntingly simple but compelling music of Thomas Newman’s Cafe del Mar floats in my head. We’re a quiet bunch; I’m one bus later this morning than the one with the Sullen Teens. A red coat catches my eye. It is scarlet and well tailored with a very dramatic flair to the collar. The woman wearing it appears severe, at first glance. Black pants, no-nonsense heels, red lipstick, pearl earrings, and hair pulled back in a tight bun complete the picture. She seems to be in the retinue of the Red Queen; the 9 of Hearts, perhaps. She reads a book and practices her scowls. But then, quite dramatically, her entire aspect changes. Her disapproving frown blooms into a smile and she chuckles to herself. She shifts slightly and I see that she’s reading Dawn French’s book. Evil’s attempt to own all the Hearts fails when faced with the laughter of comic brilliance.


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