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Bus Story: Daggers at Dawn

March 15, 2011

The grand silliness of modern Daylight Saving Time has me traveling to work in the dark again. But K.C. and the Sunshine Band sing about Boogie Shoes and the darkness recedes, ever so slightly. The bus fills up, seats reaching a premium level. Several of us shift to standing, making room for riders with multiple bags, canes, or just a Tuesday morning Stare of Exhaustion. At one stop, a very gaunt older man climbs aboard. An odd haircut, strange, drapey coat and aquiline profile draw my attention. He carries himself regally despite looking like he’s just one step from death’s door. He pauses in front of a young man who is still sitting and affixes him with a stare that would curdle milk. I hope the dude gets up. Even if it wasn’t the Ides of March, when Caesar’s ghost wants your seat, it’s a good idea to let him have it.


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