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Bus Story: Two Hours Might As Well Be Two Light Years

March 10, 2011

Post work social event. Two Perseus Porters and a glass of chocolatey port later, it’s two hours later than I would normally be on the ole 54. And the world is a mighty different place. The jaunty tunes of Jason Mraz can’t dispel the oddness and slight atmosphere of sadness. There is the pair of tragically coiffed deaf geeks – they are rocking their mobile devices but their hair looks like they were attacked by a demonically possessed Flowbee. A young man, impossibly tall, with glasses thicker than the polar ice cap, tries to get the uninterested girl next to him to see his heart and soul and not his gawky demeanor. And reigning over the entire group is a remarkable drag queen, holding court at the front of the bus. Although to be fair, she is more of a drag baroness – she rules, but a much smaller sphere bows to her para-fabulousness. Good travels, my evening riders, and may the moon guide you safely home.


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