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Bus Story: “Life is pain, Highness” (Especially Where Hair is Concerned)

March 8, 2011

The sunshine of yesterday lost out to drizzly gray as the saturation of the ground continues. It gives The Emerald City its color but the ridership has clearly had enough for a while. I’m on his bus, but no Driver Dude this morning, and the Sullen Teens are particularly despondent this morning. The angle of their slouches and the long-suffering sighing is reflective of the weather. One goober is moving, but only just; he keeps touching his hair, trying to keep it out of his eyes. The problem is that he’s wearing a modified early-Bieber – it’s styled so every strand of hair is directed towards his face. So no small wonder that it keeps getting in his eyes. He flinches, extracts the hair, and then re-finger combs it back into his face. Over and over again. I am the first to admit that I don’t embrace a style over comfort approach, but seriously, dude, when your hair causes you pain, it’s time to rethink the cut.


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