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Bus Story: There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

March 7, 2011

Spring is testing the waters, dipping her lovely and brightly painted toe just barely into the waters of the slowly fading winters chill. The birds sang just a little louder this morning, as if shouting encouragement for season’s change. With a slightly lighter step, I climb aboard the ole 54 and, after swiping my card, turn to head down the aisle and immediately, I get the “fish eye” from a woman sitting in the very front. You know the look: appraisal from head to toe, with as much disdain as a person can put into their features. A little stunned, I find a seat and check that my fly isn’t open, or haven’t made some other heinous social misstep. Then I look up as we reach another stop and for each and every person who boards, she has the same look, with some slight variations like a raised eyebrow, a slight sniff of indignation, or a further turning down of her mouth. Someone should tell the Goddess of Judgment that if she’s pitching for her own segment on What Not To Wear, she’s going to need a little more variety in her appraisals.


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  1. Ha! Loved a prior post, by the way, about the music of the bus. It could be a short film, I think.

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