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Bus Story: Music in Transit

March 3, 2011

No headphones. I forgot them, sitting on my desk. Listening, instead to the music of the bus. The engine’s whine as it moves from first gear to second. The chirping of the pay kiosk when my fellow riders tap their transit cards. The bendy portion squeaks a bit as we turn corners. Add to the bus’ song, the individual instruments coming from the riders: Should Have Stayed Home Dude is unwrapping cough drops. And coughing. A lone, verrry late Sullen Teen sighs deeply and taps his phone against a buckle on his backpack. Run With Abandon Small Boy is asking question after question of his exhausted mother. If I were Marc Caro or Jean-Pierre Jeunet (writers and directors of the film Delicatessen), I might weave the sounds into a cohesive, tuneful and charming sarabande or gavotte to be the soundtrack for this morning. Instead, I’ll just appreciate that, in today’s musical selection, we don’t have a Cell Phone Harpy solo.


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