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Bus Story: Love Iz in Zee Air

March 1, 2011

The rain drizzles over the city on this gray morning as an all-strings arrangement of “Live and Let Die” plays on Pandora. We’re a subdued bunch on the ole 54 this morning. That is until I spot a fella in the forward half of the bus hitting on the woman next to him. He trying, earnestly, to not be creepy and there is a gentle charm about him, but she’s having none of it. It might be the fact that he looks a little skunk-like. He’s got a long face, and a teesny-bitty beard, and the top part of his hair is silver and, at a distinct line, it’s dark brown. I can’t hear him, but if he’s got a French accent then she’s in for a long trip. I didn’t know Pepe le Pew could take human form, but even without the bouncy prance, he’s a tenacious dude. Bon chance, mon ami.


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