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Bus Story: Lasts, Firsts and Inbetweens

February 25, 2011

The sun shines on the town experiencing temperatures much lower than we’re used to in these here parts. As I approached my stop, the bus was just arriving, so I scampered aboard to the smiling face of Driver Dude. It is nice to have caught this ole 54 this morning in particular because today is my last day at the firm. I am starting with a new company on Monday and, never fear gentle reader, I will be riding the bus to work. But I don’t yet know if it will be the ole 54, or at what time, so it’s great to see Driver Dude’s beaming face. Of course, I start thinking about the end of this particular employment journey, and whether my fellow riders can tell that I’m about to go through a transition. What, perhaps, might be going on in their lives on this hyper-chilled morning? The man to my left, with the look of an ex-Benedictine monk about him, writes in a journal. Perhaps today is his first day writing in a journal. The older woman two rows up with yellowed fingers and deep creases in her face may have had her last cigarette yesterday. Or the young dude at the front of the bus with the thousand-yard stare might be in between jobs, but has 90 days sober today. We journey along, passing milestones and anniversaries and make changes. We end and start, time and again. And, if we’re lucky, there is a smiling driver along the way.


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  1. Best wishes in your new job. Looking forward to more bus stories. 🙂

  2. @licorous permalink

    Congratulations and much luck in your new endeavor.

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