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Bus Story: Ominous Schmominous

February 24, 2011

It was an odd sort of day. There was the potential for snarly snow starting from the wee hours, and the day was spent watching the skies. It didn’t materialize over downtown at all during the work day, but the threat remained; newspaper headlines said things like “…leave work early!”, and weather forecasters in the big studios made dramatic Statements of Doom. So here I am, on my usual bus, albeit with chains on the tires. But I don’t mind Metro being very pro-active – they can’t pull all the buses off the routes the middle of rush hour and chain ’em up, so doing it “just in case” works for me. Rob Dougan is playing in my ears, and the sky is darkening and the overall effect is like that moment in an already suspenseful movie when nothing is happening but the soundtrack tells you that something is coming.  Something verrry bad.  So I gaze among my fellow riders, looking for some sign of who to be wary of or who to protect from whatever is about to happen.  The music builds to a crescendo and, as if on cue, a young woman with an 80’s Mohawk starts shrieking into her cell phone.  Fortunately, she did so as she was exiting the bus, and I switched from Rob Dougan to Mumford & Sons…essentially sending her on her way with the ominous soundtrack following along.  Give ‘em what for, Screechy Dudette! The universe clearly has something big planned for you, so take it outside where whatever it is can see you more clearly.



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