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Bus Story: The Mad Dash

February 18, 2011

Friday arrives and dazzles us with a sparkling blue sky and chilled air – it’s like we’re in a big cocktail shaker with the makings of a great martini; clear, bracing, and icy without being frozen. Breaking into my mixology daydream, a small boy runs the length of the bus at full speed. He’s probably three, and bundled up like he’s going to climb Kilimanjaro, and he’s running because there is an empty aisle in front of him and he has no reason not to run. Almost right after, I see a young woman running to catch the bus, and later, I spot two guys jogging. So I wonder, when do we lose the childhood dash-for-fun and only run out of necessity? I know some runners truly run because they love it, but I doubt it’s with the same gleeful, headlong careening that only small children achieve. I’ll think more about this after work. Properly motivated, I will make a dash for a well shaken martini.


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  1. Love. The. Martini. Analogy. It’s perfect.

    Does the short form ever hamper you? Do you sometimes wish to extend the riff into something longer, running with it the way the boy runs the length of the bus? Or is the brevity of the writing what satisfies you?

    • Thank you, dear James! I was just thinking about that the other day. The short form, so far, is not a hindrance; I find that it all bundles up nicely in this format and is satisfying. That being said, there are a few stories that I am going to explore expanding into short story form, and see how that goes.

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