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Bus Story: Once and Future…CEO?

February 16, 2011

A rich, lovely sunrise greets the riders, with dark clouds hovering on the mountains threatening us with the potential of snow by tomorrow.  For now, as the towers of downtown come into view, they sparkle in the golden light.  And, as once before, a vastly orchestrated song by Loreena McKennit rolls through my ears and I am transported; the big metal loaf-shaped bus transforms into a large horse-drawn carriage, the rocking motion of one easily translates to the other.  My fellow riders each shift in my sword & sorcery geeked-out brain into a variety of appropriately themed characters.  The statuesque woman sitting next to me with luxurious hair and killer heels becomes Wanna-Be Royalty, a lovely woman hoping to make a match of an available prince.  A pimply dude across the aisle, who has been staring at the woman, shifts into a magician-in-training, a young apprentice knowing she’s out of his league but perhaps if he conjures something, he might have a chance.   All of this imagining, plus watching Merlin on BBC America, has re-energized my fascination with Arthurian legend.  I was thinking, during this morning’s ride, about the enduring nature of the myths around Arthur, and then, because I am on my way to work, about how that can translate into leadership in an organization.  My first conclusion is a reminder to top leaders: even Arthur surrounded himself with people of varying talents.  Build your own round table and draw on the strength of that structure; there was a reason Arthur’s table was round.   Now that’s been settled, I’d better get off this coach before young Mr. Magician over there sets his robes on fire.


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  1. Corporate Daycare permalink

    Okay – you managed to transport me too. Nice tie in – some themes are timeless.

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