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Bus Story: The Face That Sank a Thousand Ships

February 15, 2011

Mother Nature is whipping up quite a windy mess and the sky is filled with dark, fast-moving clouds. As the rolling millipede-like bus splashes through puddles and avoids downed tree limbs, the ridership seems nonplussed. All but one fella. But as I watch him, I realize the expression on his face is his natural, relaxed look. Close your eyes, gentle reader, and imagine someone in your life whom you had to do something for – a teacher, client, or manager – and then imagine their most disapproving scowl. That is the face of this 30-something guy. Locked in place, he frowns at the world, with a glare and pinched eyebrows to match. I wish I could travel back in time to when his mom told him that if he kept making that face, it would get stuck. “Listen to your mom, little dude, she’s right!”


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