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Bus Story: Clued In

February 14, 2011

We’re a tightly packed bunch this morning on the ole 54. The level of Mondayocity is yet to be felt – like waiting to be dunked in a vat of warm tapioca, we expect it to be odd, but can’t quite explain how it feels just yet. I notice a youngish woman sitting in a sideways seat, knitting. She’s the very picture of a school librarian stereotype: serviceable brown skirt, brown knee socks, flats, thick sadly unattractive glasses, and her dark blonde hair draped with one little hair clip keeping it out of her eyes. But her coat is what I saw first. It’s really intricately knitted wool, with big shiny buttons. And it’s plum colored. Very. Then I see that what she’s knitting is also plum colored. Similarly intense as her coat. I can only surmise that after Professor Plum got out of prison for aiding and abetting Miss Scarlett when she did it with the lead pipe in the ballroom, he met a nice academician, and their daughter is riding the bus to her job at the public library.


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