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Bus Story: Fee Fie Fo Far Out, Part Deux

February 11, 2011

Friday arrives with lighter skies, still a chill in the air; it is early February after all. The bus fills up and we are two stops before scooting downtown when a shadow falls across the front door. A remarkably tall woman bends her long neck, topped with a head dressed in an expanse of auburn curls, and steps aboard carefully. She’s not just tall, but she’s big – she fits her height well. Decked out in a well tailored coat, scarf, and boots, she pays her fare and manages to fit herself into a remaining vacant seat with grace and a little bit of contortionist magic. The guy sitting next to her looks like a wee Hummel figurine. I smile quietly to myself. When there be giants once again on the ole 54, spring can’t be far behind.


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  1. Kevin Grandfield permalink

    The owner of our B&B in Palm Springs gave us a new phrase for large women wearing lots of make-up: “Glamazon.”

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