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Bus Story: Hope Starts Small

February 7, 2011

A grey Monday, with a hint of a glorious sunrise behind the overcast. A bus arrives earlier than I expect, and I am greeted by the smiling face of the original Driver Dude! The teens are still sullen, but less draped about the seats today. As they depart, I spot two with haircuts modeled after that Justin kid…y’know, the one. Justin Beaver! That’s him. Anyway, the two identical hairstyles get me thinking about how easily people will try and adopt styles in hair and clothing. Why aren’t humans as equally easy to influence when it comes to things that are important? It is sad that things like helping each other, accepting our differences, and generally seeing everyone as worthwhile aren’t modeled and adopted with the same alacrity. And just as my mind waxes on into deeper reserves of imagining a more loving world, someone in the back of the bus starts trimming their nails. With each soul-piercing “click”, my list of desired behaviors modifies to less optimistic choices and I just wish people would not be so gross in public. Perhaps it’s my own intolerance, but if we could just start with no nail clipping on the bus, maybe we could get to peace, love, and understanding.


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