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Bus Story: Pick Your Battles

February 1, 2011

The Sullen Teens departed at their appointed stop, after much, albeit lethargic, debate about whether football is superior to basketball. The bus filled up again and I notice a young guy, probably just 30, in a camel-colored suit. I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think it’s a poly-blend, heavy on the poly. He has a pale complexion and ruddy checks, but we are, after all, in the Pacific Northwest and it’s cold outside. Then I get a quick glimpse of his phone, which he is tapping furiously. Angry Birds. That now ubiquitous game has his full attention and his frustration mounts. What starts as muttered disappointment rapidly escalates to guttural expletives. His ruddiness becomes a flush of anger as he struggles with a particular level again and again. I want to bop him on his pointy head and tell him that if he doesn’t calm down, he’s going to roast in his plastic suit like a squab in a convection oven.


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