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Bus Story: Conforming and Relaxing Into It are Not The Same Thing

January 27, 2011

A jostling sort of day. A knock-about week reaching midpoint shakes us about much like a pup with a new floppy toy. Reeling a bit, I plunk myself into a seat and relax into the relative calm familiarity of the ole 54. Right away, I am aware of the trio sitting in front of me. That is their intent; to be conspicuous. They are the current generation’s “anti-establishment” groupies. Working hard to project their non-conformity, they actually achieve what they claim to dislike: sameness and order. Two guys and one girl, they are in ripped clothes, but carefully torn and showing leggings underneath. Big, cable-knit sweaters that are exceedingly well-made rest atop shirts that Alexander McQueen would have loved. She’s even wearing lederhosen, but the effect is anything but random, it’s actually very cool and interesting. And tidy. They all flop their hair, roll their eyes at the people in suits, and are attempting to discuss philosophy, but she has to stop every so often to make a show of opening her leather-bound journal and write in it. The whole thing makes me smile. And I think about how we human beings do a fair bit of shaking our world about, like that puppy with the toy. I wonder if we stopped pushing against it so hard, would the universe, in turn, not knock us about as much. There are physics theorems and philosophy discussions galore that correlate to this. But I’m just going to concentrate on bending a little more with the universe’s push and pull, and see if I can’t reduce The Jostling just a little.


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