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Bus Story: A Rosy Glow From Inside

January 25, 2011

The morning is gray and the ole 54 has a normal complement of riders; we’re full without being packed in. Books are read, seatmates are chatted with, and phones are tapped, plugged, played, and talked into. A late arrival scoots into one of the last seats – the ones in the center of the bendy-bit. He’s average height and indeterminate age. A portly fellow decked out in suit pants, white shirt and tie but with a more casual zip-up jacket. His round head with a fuzzy layer of hair sits atop, and he sets his iPhone headset into his ears and closes his eyes. A few minutes later, he smiles a small, impish grin – a little incongruous on his wide face. And he blushes. Eyes still closed, smile in place, a full-on bright-red blush fills his cheeks. A few moments later, the smile fades, as does the blush. He shifts slightly and seems to fall asleep. And the smile returns, followed by the rosy blush. This happens a few more times. I wonder if he is listening to a particularly salacious recorded book or he has found a Pandora station that is just a little shocking.


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One Comment
  1. Michael Krupa permalink

    Maybe his iPhone was set on vibrate mode. Just sayin…

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