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Airport Story: Where Earth and Sky Meet

January 19, 2011

It’s that weird moment when boarding begins. The airlines routinely ask that people board by row – starting from the back of the plane. Logical. But the human-factor kicks in and when people see a group moving towards a line, the instinct to get in that line is compelling and overwhelms logic and instruction. We have an innate fear of being left behind and, perhaps more powerful than fear, there is a need to get ahead of others, lest they get something more than you. Our survival instinct extends even to this – instead of fighting for food or shelter, the competition to be first on the plane, or at least not last, pushes adrenaline into action.  While I’m watching this primal dance unfold, I glance around and notice another observer. In the midst of the throng of travelers is a tall man. He has graying, very curly, shoulder-length hair. He sports a cotton long-sleeve shirt emblazoned with crann bethadh, the Celtic Tree of Life. This shirt is tucked into the waistband of a dark brown, very practical kilt.  And below his kilt are knee-high socks in a rainbow of earth tone colors, with his feet tucked into ankle-boots that look to be hand-made.  He has several bracelets, each made of different metals and adorned with very beautiful and natural looking stones.  If there is going to be contest for survival, I’ll go hang out with the druid.  He may not have brought a golden sickle through security, but anyone who tough enough to wear a kilt at the airport can surely hold his own for prime overhead bin storage.


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One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Wow, what an image! What a funny people we are!

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