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Airport Story: Check Your Bags and Keep the Howling to a Minimum

January 14, 2011

Arrived early for my flight and found a spot to sit myself and take in the sights. Sitting in a large open concourse, surrounded by gates. Airports are not my favorite places. I dread the crush and jostle. And there is a preponderance of Lonely Planet Syndrome.  That’s the condition some people have that makes them act as if they are the only beings on the entire planet, with no regard to how their behavior and movement through space affects others.  Sitting across from me, waiting for their flight, are three High Level Geeks.  They are going to some sort of convention; I’m hearing about panels, badges, and hotel rooms…and one is on a panel and, I think, has a “staff badge”.  He leads this pack.  Leader Geek uses the word “reg” to refer to “registration”.  He asks one of the others to borrow their phone to check his email.  The phone is received with an eye roll and scoff-sound.  And then the owner of the phone is reviled for not having the latest version of something, AND not having the Leader Geek’s password stored.  This is intense pack behavior.  I wonder if they are off to a lycanthrope convention. I am sure werewolves have some of the same behavior patterns as their more mundane relatives.  Since the airport stop-n-shop is all out of belladonna, I should just be glad this is a morning flight.


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  1. Interesting. I myself love being in airports- while alone. It’s the sense of slipping anonymous out of my life, and into a crowd. The freedom of Non- Being, if only for a short while.

    With a kid in tow- that’s another matter.

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