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Not a Bus Story: Sadness and Melted Snow

January 13, 2011

Slushy.  The day started out very slushy.  We had the snow last night that everyone was anticipating and then it warmed up just before we all went to work, and started raining.  So the streets and sidewalks were massive expanses of half-frozen, thick, not-cherry-cola-flavored slush.  It made for interesting walking and really loud skooshy noises as the cars and buses pushed their way through it.  It was one of those “my feet are gonna get wet so I might as well accept it” kind of walks to the bus stop. There is an interesting freedom that comes from just trudging through standing water, no longer looking for narrow passages or leaping, precipitously, to avoid the deep water.   With wet feet, but a feeling of acceptance about it, I board the bus and head to the office.

After arriving at work, the day took a shocking and heart wrenching turn.  I learned that an amazing woman, a remarkable writer and teacher, and friend, passed away very suddenly at home. The news moved from friend to friend as we shared stories and memories and our pain. We’re all reeling from the loss in our own ways.  We look for the narrow paths through this devastating information. Our sadness demands answers and the waters of our grief are deep and very cold.  If we can arrive at a sense of acceptance that we are going to be wet and cold and step into the dark, we will trudge our way through.


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  1. Victoria permalink

    Oh dear friend – sorry to hear you are hurting! Holding you in my thoughts & prayers. Victoria

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    So very sorry to hear the news Richard. So hard to have someone you know get wrenched from your life without warning. And your words are so true. Well said, as always. Sending condolences to you and all who knew her.

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