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Bus Story: It May be Mid-Winter but We Can Still Dream

January 12, 2011

It was a weird day. The area was on tenterhooks all day with the potential of an afternoon-commute-affecting snowdrop on everyone’s mind. So when it didn’t happen at 4p and then still nothing at 5p, we find ourselves jammed into a bus, perhaps more crowded than usual as folks made an effort to get home while the ground was dry.  In and amongst the throng, I can’t take my eyes off one woman who is decked out to be somewhere other than riding the ole 54. She’s in a huge purple overcoat, with rather resplendent buttons and a fancy, purple-on-purple embroidered collar.  She is accessorized with a green-apple scarf and topped with a wide brimmed black hat. The hat is pinned with a remarkably large black cloth flower with a shining purple gem in the center.  On the one hand, she reminds me of a cake on television last night for a wedding – the bride’s colors were purple and green-apple.  But far from being like a big cake, this woman manages a regal carelessness about her.  She casts her gaze around the crowded bus, and I think Tatiana, the Fairy Queen, has graced us with her presence.  Not only because she gave me a slight nod of acknowledgement when she met my gaze – I am a fairy godfather, after all – but because, as the bus turned a corner and caught a streetlight’s beam, I could see a cloud of lights dancing around her, sitting on her hat’s brim, and daring each other to poke at the mortals gathered on the bus.  Chariots of all kinds carry royalty of all types, and it is fitting, this night of anticipation, that her Gracious Wonder should choose our bus to hold court.


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One Comment
  1. Charles permalink

    Perhaps she misplaced her broom or portkey and had to resort to a Muggle carriage. She sounds marvelous.

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