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Bus Story: Language: It’s a Wonder We Understand Anything.

January 11, 2011

Cold night and a crowded trip home after a Monday. We’ve been having an on-again off-again warning of Big Snow, which has made the ridership a bit anxious and, in some cases, dressed for an excursion to the Arctic. To my right, a young woman did not plan for the cold, or is just particularly resilient, dressed as she is in a small skirt, leggings and a sweater-blouse-thing. She’s on the phone and I smile, briefly, thinking back to my earliest Bus Stories. She’s talking in a big voice, and agreeing with everything they say and using the same word: “Yeah.” Over and over again. Just when I think she has nothing else to say, she describes her calendar schedule as “chunky” and her time available as “random”. Again, I smile. Language is fascinating and the words people choose out of the myriad of options intrigue me. Based on this, I wonder if she would describe her beef stew as “busy” and her iPod shuffle as “sparse”.


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