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Bus Story: Decisions, Decisions

January 7, 2011

This morning, like so many others, my fellow riders and I escape the dark and damp into our familiar rolling conveyance and find seats. It’s one of those sparsely attended rides, so we all have room to spread out. About halfway through our regular stops, a young man pulls the cord and stands to get out at the next one. He’s in the middle of the bus, basically equidistant from the front and back doors. He pauses. The bus stops and both sets of doors open. He stands there, frozen momentarily, looking from front to back. He turns as if to exit from the front, and then swivels and heads out the back door. It gets me thinking about how we make decisions. Our brains process incredible amounts of information at almost unimaginable speeds. Instinct, memory, knowledge, ego…everything gets factored in. And I wonder how many of our decisions would be easier and faster if we trusted the instinct part more and didn’t “think” so much. Do we get in our own way time and time again? Uh-oh. My stop is coming. Which door should I use? Don’t think. Just go.


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