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Bus Story: Not Just Late, We’re Talking White Rabbit Late

January 6, 2011

The air this morning is mist-laden, or you could say it is raining ever so lightly. It’s a Thursday, that passed-the-middle-but-we-still-have-hurdles day of the week. In many languages, the day is named for thunder-gods like Jupiter and Thor. Perhaps in the modern day, we need to embrace the power of thunder to push through and finish the week. I’m on a slightly later bus than usual. Not by much but it’s definitely the one after the Sullen Teens. When I get on board, there aren’t many riders yet, plus one lone kid. He’s probably 11 or 12. And he’s late. Judging by his expression and posture, he’s Very Late. He’s leaning forward in his seat, just barely sitting. His gaze is intently focused on the front window and the driver, as if by sheer force of his will, the bus will go faster. At each stop before we reach his, he sighs shallowly, anxious and frustrated that the bus doesn’t just zoom past everyone so he can catch up. At his stop, he launches himself off his seat and out of the door like a shot. Or a bolt of lightning. Off you go, little Thor; we all know how you feel and wish the week might just zoom through the regular stops to Friday’s end with a resounding thunderclap.


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