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Bus Story: Always Read the Instructions

January 3, 2011

A cold but clear morning to start the year’s first work week. Even the sun seems a little reluctant to get going this morning, barely pushing light into view. The ole 54 is quite empty this morning, only a handful of riders, scattered randomly amongst the seats. It’s very quiet. Into the emptiness, comes a young man on a mission. He boards the bus, and strides towards the back with all the purpose of a charging rhino. He’s tall and well dressed and has the shiniest, pointy black dress shoes I’ve ever seen. Perhaps they are his Enchanted First Day at a New Job Shoes. Designed to give you a feeling of confidence and put strength in your stride, they work great for runway models and nervous grooms as well. I just hope he read the manual and remembers to take them off before 24 hours elapses; their enchantment increases exponentially and they can’t be removed after being worn for more than one day. If he’s not careful, he’ll go from being a man with a good walk to essentially an upright Clydesdale.


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