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Bus Story: Surface Tension

December 27, 2010

It’s the “week between” – an odd period of time between two holidays, loaded up with the after-effects of one and the anticipation of the other. Add to the mix, for some of us, the pressure of year-end projects, laden with figures and spreadsheets. A lighter ridership this dark, cold morning is not unexpected and I can almost hear a whispered mantra of the collective desire for a quiet and successful week. As I gaze out of the window into the slowly brightening streets, a reflection catches my eye behind me of someone taking a seat. The hat is the first thing I notice: it’s an Elmer Fudd hunting hat, with the big ear-flaps. And it’s big and orange. The face under the hat is round and I honestly can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. They are bundled as if the weather was arctic, rather than just chilly. The hatted being has teeny eyes – or they seem to be, because they are tightly squinted, as if the lights on board the bus are too intense to handle. Hands are tucked into a massive coat, that is long enough to reach the ground, almost cocooning them entirely. I suppose the long dark days here in the winter would be attractive for a Mole Person to venture to the Earth’s surface for a quick trip. The “week between” at the Center of the Earth must also be a good time for a mini-vacation. Enjoy your break, underground neighbor! Just remember to wait for the “walk” sign, they will ticket you for jaywalking here.

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