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Bus Story: Book Covers and the Frying Pan of Judgement

December 17, 2010

Chilly but dry morning and The Mountain is out. A nice start. I’m suited up for work, literally, I’m in a suit as our firm’s holiday party is this afternoon. So I’m feeling unusual and a touch too warm as I settle into a seat. A few stops later, a young man steps aboard in a mostly very street outfit, if I’m even using that word properly: baggy jeans, sneakers without laces, and a huge, puffy coat. But then, to keep his head warm, he’s wrapped it in a scarf. A very old-world scarf, like I might imagine my mother’s great-grandmothers wore in Portugal to keep faith and their heads warm. He keeps it on, even on the warm bus. And, in a further warp of the stereotype, he sits very upright, with his hands folded and his eyes closed – a peaceful, contemplative look on his youthful face. Suddenly, I notice my ears are ringing and the side of my head hurts as if I had just been swatted by a frying pan. I appreciate the universe’s reminder not to judge books by their covers and people by their outward appearance. I just wish it didn’t involve heavy cookware, but I suppose the important lessons can sometimes hurt.


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