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Bus Story: The Pressure Test

December 16, 2010

The morning feels particularly dark, with sense of menace floating about like dandelion seeds. I skim through music until I find something on the raucous end of the spectrum, something by a group named Enter The Haggis, a song called “Donald Where’s Yer Troosers”. Makes me smile and beats the gloom back a bit. I find a seat in the back, in and amongst the Sullen Teens. As the song ends, I can hear what one Monstrously Sized Teen is saying to two other boys sitting nearby. It seems there is something he wants to buy at the shops before they have to catch their next bus, but he doesn’t have any money. So he begins to cajole each boy, intimating great friendship and perhaps even a sharing of what he gets. The last being such an empty ploy, since they would be paying for it. At first, both boys refuse. One just says no, clearly and that’s all. But the other continues on to explain he needs his money for “Christmas stuff”. So Monstrous focuses on that one, working every angle about paying him back, that it’s not so much, and everything he can try. He stops short of any negative consequences – something tells me he knows that won’t work in public. Finally, the kid agrees to go with him to the store, under the pretense that he’ll get something for himself. Both exit before the regular teen-stop, with the Kid Who Says No tagging along. I think about how we all deal with pressure in our lives and particularly when we know the answer should be “no”. We would all do well to remember to be clear and make no excuses – we are allowed to say “no thank you” without having to explain why. Teach your school chum, Kid Who Says No – he’ll thank you for it later.


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