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Bus Story: It’s Nice to Have Family Visit

December 15, 2010

A group called Radical Face is singing to me via the wonder of Pandora. There is rhythmic hand-clapping throughout the song, which is always nice. A rider climbs aboard who looks familiar, but coated as she is, in a big parka, I can’t place her at first. Then I realize that it’s the valkyrie, Brunhilda. She rode with us in warmer weather earlier this year, and it seems her winged steed is again at the vet. And today, she has a friend with her, not quite as warrior-like, but clearly a Norse sister, or slightly older. I wonder if Brunhilda has chosen to settle here and Freya, the goddess, has come for a visit and to do a little shopping. Odin is notoriously tough to shop for, and I think Nordstrom has a new mead infuser on sale.


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