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Bus Story: Super…Almost

December 14, 2010

Tuesday morning hits us with a dump of rain, creating mini-tsunami as cars splash through massive puddles caused by overloaded storm drains. My fellow riders and I slosh aboard the bus, a welcome, albeit temporary, haven from the wet. I’m early enough that the Sullen Teens are in their draped places, looking more bedraggled, although how that is possible will remain one of the universal mysteries. I notice one kid who is well kitted for the weather: he’s covered, head to toe, in nylon rain-slicker material. Complete with little rain-booties on his shoes. Most striking is his head – his jacket is zipped all the way to his chin and his hood is tightened snugly around his head. Only a small circle of face peeps out. And the top of his head is pointy. I can’t tell if his hair is tall, if the manufacturer meant it that way, or if he just has a rather conical head. Whatever the case, he looks like a superhero-in-training. Or perhaps a sidekick. Torpedo Kid! He swims alongside The Super-Submarine fighting the evils deep in the world’s oceans! But first, he needs to get to math class.


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One Comment
  1. I’m hoping and praying that the answer is c) conical head. It’s probably b) though 😦

    Good luck Torpedo Kid, I hope you kick Algebra Man’s numerical butt

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