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Not a Bus Story: Zen Taxi in the Half-Light

December 10, 2010

I hailed a taxi outside of the hotel. I’m returning home from a brief trip to Anchorage, Alaska. I’ve been here in the winter before, but the light, or lack of it, was far more present this time. So at just before 11:00a local time, the sun had only recently made an appearance, casting sparkles and shadows off the frozen roads, buildings, and people. I plunk myself into the cab, let the driver know that I need to go to the airport, and off we go, with only a minor tire spin pulling away from the curb. The driver is a big, personable guy, with a twang to his dialect that I can’t quite place. He shares with me his woes of the day, a lack of fares and how he was just about to pack it in when I waved him over for a fare that was worthwhile. I add what support and commiseration I can, noting that it seems odd for his business to be slow on a Friday when I would think there would be lots of back and forth to the airport, at least. Smiling, he tells me of a sweet little old lady he took to the airport very early, and it was such a pleasant ride that he just knew his whole day would be great. And then he has 6 hours of little or no work. Our conversation shifts, quite naturally, but also quite unexpectedly, to balance, chi, fate, and accepting the bad along with the good. No highfalutin esoteric chat, this. We just talk about how it’s a good way to approach life, although it’s often difficult. I exit the cab, thanking him for a great talk, and making sure the tip balances his day a bit. In the dim mid-day light, I thank the universe for it’s teachers – they may arrive in different forms than we might expect, but they usually have something good to share.


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  1. Not a Bus Story : A Taxi Tale

    Great when a cool useful meeting like this just arises. Appreciate the story. Thanks.

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