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Bus Story: A Story-less Morning

December 8, 2010

It’s one of those rare mornings. The weather is the classic dark, rainy winter day, but the ole 54 I climbed aboard today is lightly populated. The heat is on too high and rushes through the bus, making a white-noise effect, blocking out all but the Vampire Weekend song playing in my ears. But not a story to be found, seen or heard. I glance, squint, listen, and look about without any result. Somedays are like that – the routine and the usual take over briefly, giving the odd a wee rest. If you can, gentle readers, grab hold of these moments and take comfort in their calming effect. Because the odd and annoying will return. Count on it.


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  1. Ya know – you COULD focus on some of the good things in life and commuting. It isn’t only the “odd and annoying” that are worthy of comment. Sometimes it’s O.K. to stop and smell the roses.


    • Absolutely, Jeff! Thanks for your comment and reading the Stories! If you have time, dig into my archives (at the bottom of the page) and you’ll find lots of instances where I find the lovely and touching, the kind and the fun, mixed in a balance of the odd and annoying! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. I will – thanks for the challenge. AS a bit of feedback, most of you recent increased postings seem to be focused on petty annoyances. Hardly representative of the commuter (or driver – as I represent) experience. I would HATE to be someone in tune with the internet who read your blog and recognized myself in one of your (sorry – overly snarky and judgemental) pieces. Hoping you can do better, as your perspetive is vital and important, as is your platform.


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