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Bus Story: Umbrella Needed for Protection from More Than Rain

December 7, 2010

After a dreadful sinus-smackdown yesterday, back on the bus this dark and rainy morning. I broke habit and took a spot towards the front today, and can hear the conversation a woman is having with someone on her cell phone. She’s in her mid-thirties, with mouse-brown hair that screams for a little style…or even just conditioner. She sighs a great deal while talking, exasperation filing her every phrase. I hear the tail-end of her complaining about a co-worker who doesn’t fill out a form she created properly, and she’s sure they are doing it on purpose to make her look bad. The person on the other end must have only had time to grunt, or hurl themselves out of a window, before she started in on her next Very Tragic Story, this time about construction on the roads and how potholes are signs of The Apocalypse. Then, at a stop, because he chose to, Son of Driver Dude turned the engine off. It’s rare, but not something to worry about. But to the woman on the phone, you’d think we just went to DEFCON 1. She shrieks into the phone that the “bus has broken down” and she’s going to be late for work. And then the engine starts again, and she shifts to talking about her boss and I can’t take anymore and turn up the volume on a Snow Patrol song. Hold tight to your umbrella, Chicken Little, and watch the skies.


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  1. If only the mute button worked in real life.

  2. Corporate Daycare permalink

    How do you control your “fists of death” in these situation?!

  3. With your permission, I request the approval to write a post called ‘Very Tragic Story’. I like the sound of it.

    • Sure thing, bud – I think we’ve all worked with more than a few Very Tragic Storytellers

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