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Bus Story: Baby Talk and an Old Soul

December 6, 2010

There is that distinctive crispness in the air this morning. I keep thinking the forecasters missed something and we’ll get more snow. It wreaks havoc here, so I hope I’m wrong and the experts are right. As we make our way through the stops, a mom and her small daughter join us on our journey. The little girl is probably 4 or 5, and clearly runs things. Mom is carrying two massive bags, juggling fare paying and ensuring her small offspring doesn’t get catapulted across the bus as Son of Driver Dude launches us forward. Daughter is oblivious and cajoles Mom into changing seats. Twice. Their final move places them within earshot. The kid is very articulate and makes interesting, and rather adult observations about things she sees from the window. Mom, on the other hand, responds to her in Extreme Baby Talk. You know the sort – makes you want to jab a No. 2 pencil in both ears just to avoid a brain hemorrhage from the drippy, sugary language. Old Soul Kid pays her no mind and keeps her monologue going, much to Mom’s frustration. It’s a prime example of not paying attention to how other people talk can affect how they listen to you. This girl’s teenage years are gonna be verrrry interesting.


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