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Bus Story: Familiar Faces and a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

December 3, 2010

Not as chilly this morning, with a winter’s fog blanket wrapping the town. The bus is crowded and, inspired by a dear friend, I look specifically for familiar faces. I see Rat-Faced Guy who helped the fairy godmother. He’s still studying, but I think he’s got new shoes. I see Bird Lady from waaay back. She’s still in all black, with her spindly legs poking out under her coat. She’s put aside bird books – she’s reading “The Other”. Hmmm. Should Have Stayed Home Guy is here. Still sniffling, but his cough seems better. And there is a new face that catches my attention, as Robbie Williams sings to let him entertain me. She’s a slight woman in her very early twenties. She has a face like a child in a black velvet painting. Or from an anime film. Big, voluminous eyes take up most of her otherwise wee head. When she blinks, I can just about feel the breeze. Oddly, what is more interesting to me is her coffee cup. It’s a regular mug – a beaker as some in the UK might call it. No lid, no sippy-vent. Just an open high splash potential mug. On a bouncing, swerving, lurching city bus. So she’s either really good at keeping it level or she’s drinking treacle. Perhaps she’s Elsie, Lacie, or Tillie up from the well in The Doormouse’s story. They didn’t just get ill from drinking the stuff, their eyes got huge from living in the dark. She’s probably working as a haberdasher. With very dim lighting.


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