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Not a Bus Story: A Kringle Moment for the Second Night of Lights

December 2, 2010

I had a moment…just a fleeting wave of emotion and memory…standing in the kitchen at work this morning.  Someone brought in some Danish kringle.  For those who may not be familiar with it, it’s a round or horseshoe shaped flat danish, with fillings ranging from fruit to spices and nuts, and usually with some sort of icing on the top. At least that’s the kringle I’m familiar with.  And the reason I know it is from many years in Chicago working at the TDS Corporate HQ.  TDS, a big ole diversified telecom holding company (yes…that phrase still just rattles out of my head) was often a challenging place, but I met some lovely friends there, and learned a great deal.

And once a year, a very dear friend of the company, Norm Liljedahl, would bring us kringle.  And glogg.  The glogg wasn’t as popular, but the kringle was amazing and plentiful.  For an office of about 40 people at most, he would bring in what felt like stacks and stacks of the stuff.  Unlike some places, TDS was not big on snacks all day, every day. So kringle in the office was a treat.  We would gather to snarf a few pieces, take some back to our desks, return later…eat until we could not manage to even look at another kringle.

But more than my extreme love of danish, what my moment in the office kitchen this morning did for me was remember Norm and his gentle smile. And that led me to remember my friends and former co-workers, and to wish them, and everyone a gentle, happy holiday.  Light the second night’s candle and thank the Norm Liljedahl’s in your life for sharing their kindness.  And pastry.



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