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Bus Story: Everything is Marketing

December 2, 2010

It is a foggy morning and we’re sporting just under 40 degrees on Dan Fahrenheit’s scale. I shake my head ever so in wonder, watching a pair of teens lope off the bus, wearing just t-shirts and shorts. The rest of us are in coats, most eschewing gloves and hats at the moment. Looking up, directly in my line of sight are the bench seats that face the aisle. And seated, side by side, on that bench are three women who look like an advert for Ms Clairol. From right to left, they are studies in styled blonde, brunette, and redhead. And, although I know I often have trouble calling out hair color, these are so distinct as to defy confusion: the blonde is luminous, the brunette is a deep sultry brown, and the redhead is an eye-catching mix of sunset and fireworks. They haven’t yet noticed their trio-ness, and while it might be fun to produce a massive mirror and turn this into a hair-color marketing event, I get the sense the riders this morning on the ole 54 couldn’t handle it. Now if we had a cupcake and hot chocolate event…


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  1. Jennifer permalink

    You need to start taking pictures! clandestinely, of course.

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