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Bus Story: It’s a Study in Annoyance

December 1, 2010

Usual bus, Son of Driver Dude at the helm, and there are half as many riders. I’ve stopped trying to figure out why the ridership fluctuates in such a random manner. But with so few folks, you’d think the chances of my sitting directly in front of the passenger I happened to park it near would be less. Lucky me. She’s pulling out every bus/train crime in the book: she’s coughing without covering her face, she’s shouting into her cell phone, and she’s trimming her nails. The clicking and subsequent filing are like teeny nails, driving into my spine. So now all she needs is to start eating something really stinky to complete the trifecta. Or the bus crime equivalent. No trophy for that, however. Perhaps a swat with a damp copy of Lonely Planet Monthly would be appropriate since it must really be a lonely place in her world with no one else around her!


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