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Bus Story: Mutually Exclusive Choices

November 30, 2010

A very rainy morning greets us this morning. Son of Driver Dude misses three waiting passengers at different stops, making me think there are two of us on the bus who need new glasses. Among the throng this morning is a middle-aged woman with striking, very long jet-black hair and a chin that could split logs. She is wearing a smart suit under her fashionable raincoat and sports some tasteful, shiny baubles on her fingers and wrist. And she has remarkably high heels. They are gorgeous, yes, but soooo tall. Then she rummages in her bag and, surprisingly, removes a back pillow. She plants the pillow behind her lower back, adjusts, and then settles into reading. Honestly, I can’t avow to understand the shoe-thing, but I can appreciate how real it is. However, I am fascinated by the choice she makes to make sure she is properly supported to the extent of carrying a pillow onto the bus but not to wearing better shoes, if only for her commute. Ah well, the intricate nature of human choice. Just don’t complain that the seats on the ole 54 are making your back hurt, Ms Hatchet Chin – look to your feet for those answers.


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