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Bus Story: Just How Pointy is Pointy Enough?

November 29, 2010

A dark, damp morning finds the ole 54 filling up with resigned faces, returning to the grind after a holiday weekend preceded by a Snow Event. Sitting next to Completely Confident Power-Outfit Woman is a young girl, maybe 15. She did not depart with the other teens, so she must be going to another school, and she clearly put off getting an assignment done. She has a textbook on her lap, a sheaf of lined 3-hole paper, and a look that combines worry and annoyance. And a pencil. Now as someone who works in an office these days, I rarely see an actual #2 pencil. We have them, but I can’t think of the last time I used one. Homework Girl has even worn off (or torn off) the eraser. She sharpens it constantly with a little round, self-contained sharpener. She writes, turns pages, sharpens. Again. And again. The bus bounces and swerves – there is a a snap of pencil tip, and the sharpening hits a frenzy. At the rate she’s going, I hope she has more pencils, because that one will soon be about the size of a .38 caliber bullet. And just as deadly.


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  1. I’m guessing that young woman will grow up to be a Project Manager. Mastering the use of pointy sticks is a requirement for the job and it sounds like she is getting plenty of practice.

  2. craig permalink

    I think Homework Girl’s plan to be the center of today’s Bus Story worked out beautifully.

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