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Bus Story: Thankful for The Odd

November 24, 2010

After a closed office yesterday due to the debilitating weather in the town, this morning is record-breaking cold. But the roads are in better shape and, with a delayed opening time, I head downtown. The ole 54, still wearing tire chains and running a “snow route”, arrives and fills with a broad collection of travelers – a mishmash of other timetables and routes. We also have a wide selection of what folks think of as weather-appropriate outerwear: from a guy who is kitted out to climb Mt. Rainier to an Impervious To Cold Teen wearing a light jacket and basketball shorts. At least the chances that the latter will still be able to procreate is lessened. But out of it all, there is someone very odd. He’s in the middle bit of the bendy bus, his seat swiveling with each turn. He’s quite rotund, pasty, with only slight wisps of greasy black hair on his ovoid head. A pointy, but sparse goatee complete his look. He is holding a canvas and actually working on it with what I think is chalk. That, in and of itself, is strange, since the bus lurches and jolts quite a bit, particularly where he’s sitting. But the subject of his work is extra disturbing. Its a cartoon-like young girl, with a massive head and small body – along the lines of Betty Boop and that era of animation – but far less successful and eleventy-times creepier. The girl has a massive Cheshire Cat grin and is staring out from the canvas with a maniacal hysteria. As disturbing as this is, I realize that this guy, and all those like him, are what makes riding the bus so interesting. So on this Thanksgiving eve, I nod slightly in his direction and express my thanks for those who inspire these stories. And many more thanks to you, gentle reader, for giving me a reason to write them.


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  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Write on my brother, write on! I’m so very thankful for Bus Stories.

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