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Bus Story: It’s a Powder Keg, I Tell Ya

November 22, 2010

Monday morning. There’s the first bit of gelignite for the ride to work. Add that it’s three days before Thanksgiving. People are anxious about traveling, family, food – the usual pre-holiday jitters. Plus the looming holiday from work and the sense of having to cram 5 days of work into 3. Tension is building. Top this primed and ultra sensitive bus load with snow. In this neck of the woods, snow is rare and causes major headaches if you have to travel even short distances. The ole 54 is packed to the rafters and, although we are moving at an ok clip, we’re on our “snow route”, avoiding overpasses, bridges, and the like. That’s like telling a trapeze artist that they will be swinging from salami ropes today: they can do it, but the anxiety level increases. So here we sit, the ridership and I. Tense. Anxious. Cranky. One small snafu and this metal behemoth will turn into one of those asylums you see in 1950’s movies about mental illness. Think calming thoughts with me, gentle reader, and maybe we can get to work without gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes.


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