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Bus Story: From That Side of the Family

November 18, 2010

The air has a winter’s bite to it and the gray is a little more aggressive this morning. The bus fills and the usual collection of drab brown, green and tan that make up the majority of coats is suddenly broken by three rather large, round people in big jackets of bright, vibrant colors. The spherical matriarch is a riot of magenta, the son (or much younger husband/boyfriend) is an assault of sky blue, and the young girl, tragically big, is an explosion of safety orange. They appear to be a family of Weebles. Until Fate shows her cruel hand and with the bus starting forward, the girl in orange loses her balance and hits the wet floor with a resounding ker-thud! So Weebles, perhaps, but second cousins maybe who have the wobble but missed on the gene that keeps them from falling down.


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