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Bus Story: A Little Splash of Color Wouldn’t Hurt

November 17, 2010

Drizzling. A Wednesday that took eons to arrive and a remainder of the week that seems to stretch into infinity – like that film technique where the subject stays still and the background zooms off into the distance. I joined a bus filled with Sullen Teens, but when they vacated, they left behind someone who was totally obscured. Or perhaps she was created by them? In a cacophony of whining and posturing, they rambled and jostled their way out, and the emotions coalesced into a being of pure angst. Tall, thin and of an indeterminate age, she’s wearing black boots, a black skirt and blouse, black half-trench, black scarf, black gloves, and a black beret. Her jet black hair is long, but tied in a pony tail, and partially coiled under her hat. Her makeup is severe, with pale lip color and very dark and heavy eyeliner. One could hope by her manifestation that the Spirit of Angst will leave the Sullen Teens alone, at least for the day. Won’t their teachers be surprised by upbeat, engaged and vibrant students today! I’ll point the Spirit towards the nearest Starbucks. Perhaps a mocha with whipped cream will show her some of the goodness in the world.


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