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Bus Story: The Fabric of Time

November 15, 2010

It’s drizzling and dark, a level of precipitation that could be rain or just heavy mist. A cheery bagpipe-infused tune plays counterpoint in my head as the workweek looms. However, a series of style and fashion choices that parade through the bus makes me wonder if it is indeed 2010, let alone Monday. There is a young woman with a torn army jacket, skinny jeans, hair in a chopped style, dyed blonde and sky-blue, wearing Converse high-tops. Then I spot a guy with tight, white pants with a flare at the cuffs, and, I kid not, feathered hair. A glance around finds a more mature woman in a peasant dress, with tie-dyed panels and thick wool socks in her sandals. We have several stops to go, but if we get a 50’s greaser, a woman in a 40’s swing skirt, a dude in a zoot-suit, and a 20’s beaded flapper dress, then I know the ole 54 took a detour through Fashion’s Time Tunnel. Let me out before the Middle Ages, please!


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