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Bus Story: Hello…Is Anyone In There?

November 12, 2010

A late trip home after a cocktail visit with some dear friends has some different faces on the ole 54. Combined with other late professional-types, we have the requisite Scary Intense Dude with an elaborately carved walking stick and the ubiquitous Really Drunk Girl taking loudly to her Sober and Annoyed Soon-to-be-Ex-Friend. Across the aisle from me is a man who I can’t fathom. He seems to an engineer, perhaps in quality control, about 50ish with a good quality parka and shoe-like boots. But it’s what he’s reading that catches my eye: a book of Calvin & Hobbes comics. I love that strip and have been watching him intently for a reaction. Any reaction. None. It’s as if he’s reading Pratt’s Journal of Really Boring Weather Patterns, rather than some of the most laugh-out-loud comic strips ever. Not a smile. Nothing. He must be a robot or a zombie. Either way, I’m getting off this bus fast. This just isn’t right.


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  1. Billy Walker permalink

    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the daily dose of humanity from a perspective outside of my own ole 54. Keep up the great work!

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