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Bus Story: The Power in Confidence

November 11, 2010

The morning is fairly routine, not too empty or crowded, mostly regulars starting out in a crisp autumn day. My eye is drawn to the street outside the bus as we’ve pulled over at a stop. There is a woman crossing the street to catch the bus behind us. She is a small, older woman; smartly dressed in a well-tailored overcoat and a hat right out of a 19th century Russian novel. The street she is trying to cross is quite busy, and she’s not in a crosswalk, which, in this town, would have stopped drivers. Unfazed, she steps into the street, lifts her chin imperiously and raises her hand, palm toward the oncoming cars. The confidence that her tiny hand and icy gaze are sufficient is admirable and effective. Cars in both directions slow and stop. She doesn’t even keep her gaze on them but calmly and deliberately walks to her waiting bus. All hail her Most Righteous Highness, The Empress-in-Exile Drusilla! If she could bottle that attitude, she might be able to buy her throne back.


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