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Bus Story: A Wrinkle in…the Bus?

November 10, 2010

A sparsely populated bus greets me this clear but nippy morning. After the Sullen Teens vacated, we were rather empty, until just the last stop before downtown. Then the floodgates opened and with a swoosh of seating, the ole 54 is full-up. With the sun shining at an early morning angle, I catch a blinding reflection off one passenger. I try to make clear what is there after my eyes adjust, and it’s a plump woman in her middle 60’s. I think. Mostly, all I can see are these massive round glasses that are plastic and bright white. They are on the verge of being Elton John-esque. When I try to see more of her, the sun catches the frames or the lenses and all I can make out is the image of the spectacles. Now if I remember my reading properly, Mrs. Who is an immensely powerful being who can travel instantly through space and time. So why no tesseract today? Maybe she’s testing folding time from inside the ole 54. If so, how’s about a quick hop to Friday, say five o’clock-ish?


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