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Not a Bus Story: Metaphoric Miasma

November 9, 2010

I’m attending a seminar at a local hotel, so no bus ride for me this morning. I arrive early and find myself a quiet spot in a lower lobby to read email and think. My meditation is interrupted by a guy with far too much energy for this time of the morning talking on his phone. Naturally, I listen in to his side of the conversation. Phrases like “the ball is in your court” and “I’ll signal you when you need to run with it” pepper his call. I don’t think he went more than three words without a sports-related analogy. I can barely suppress my giggles. Then I notice three members of the cleaning staff talking about a task they had to get done. Some in Spanish, which I could follow a bit, but mostly in English. And not a single metaphor. And they finished, knew what to do, and off they went to do it. Metaphors and analogies are great for emphasis, but if you use too many, you may find yourself with the short end of the stick.


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  1. Sports related analogy huh. I didn’t know the Kris Dunn or Steve Boese was visiting…

  2. You really knocked that one out of the park. Way to stay within yourself, not try to do too much, and take it one blog post at a time. Nicely done!

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